WASHINGTON, Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Given the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund’s (FEEA) extensive experience working directly with federal families on all aspects and at all stages of their lives, FEEA has a unique understanding of where feds can use more easy-to-understand, unbiased information on things affecting them outside of work. 

Two years ago, FEEA launched the #FedLifeHacks program. The program includes a collection of lifehacks in written and video format, developed by FEEA and others, covering topics like financial wellness, health & wellness, education & professional growth, family, free time & fun, and personal philanthropy & volunteerism.

Since the program was launched, there have been over 110,000 visits to #FedLifeHacks, which can be accessed here: https://feea.org/category/fedlifehacks/

FEEA also provides emergency hardship loans, disaster relief, scholarships, and K-12 tutoring. (https://feea.org/our-programs/) and COVID-19 response programs (https://feea.org/coronavirus/).

Here are some of the topics #FedLifeHacks has covered so far:

  • Is a 529 Plan Right for Your Family?
  • Five Ideas for Celebrating the Holidays More Safely This Year
  • Four Things to Consider When Merging Money with a Life Partner
  • Tips for Taking Care of Mental Health During the Pandemic
  • What Federal Employees Need to Know about the Current Payroll Tax Withholding Deferral
  • Navigating Out-of-State Estate Matters
  • How Public Service Loan Forgiveness Works
  • About to Sign a New Rental Home Lease? Read This.
  • Have You Heard About These 70+ Federal Employee Groups?
  • Getting Back on Your Feet After a Bankruptcy
  • Five Tips for Protecting Older Loved Ones from Scams
  • How to Be an Effective Patient Advocate for a Loved One
  • Mortgage Help During the Pandemic
  • How Your Finances Can Impact Your Security Clearance
  • Financial Counseling: Are You or a Loved One Struggling Financially?
  • Holiday Spending: Don’t Bust Your Budget
  • Is Your Life Insurance Paperwork Up-To-Date?
  • Eight Things You Should Know About Credit Reports and Scores
  • Five Home Modifications for Helping Loved Ones Who Want To Age In Place
  • What Happens if a Federal Employee Becomes Disabled and Can’t Work?
  • Important Documents – Are Yours in a Safe Place?
  • Five Dos and Don’ts for Feds Using Social Media
  • Helping You and Your Kids Avoid Accidental Plagiarism
  • Six Tips for Planning Ahead for Remote Caregiving of a Loved One
  • Six Tips for Parents Sending a Student Off to College for The First Time
  • Five Favorite Resources for Helping Your Kids Be Smart About Money
  • Seven Things to Think About When Buying a New (Or New to You) Car
  • What You Should Know About Divorce and Your Federal Benefits
  • Six Steps to Moving Your Aging Parents Closer to You
  • Holiday Survival Guy: Great Gifts for Less (or no) Cash
  • Six Must-Dos When Choosing Childcare
  • Why Everyone Needs Their Own Personal Sick and Vacation Leave Budget

Contact: Joyce Warner, 202-554-0007, x101; [email protected]

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