“During beta testing, we were able to put multiple law enforcement agencies, city, county, state and federal agencies all in the same intelligence ‘room’ within the new Regional Collaboration feature,” said Jeff Halstead, Founder & CEO of Evertel and retired Fort Worth Chief of Police. “We were able to monitor several high-urgency situations which would have normally taken hours to brief and disseminate across boards, now within minutes thanks to this new feature. Immediately after the first regional launch a robber who hit multiple banks was arrested in 5 calendar days, instead of what likely would have taken weeks due to the lack in cross-pollination of classified information across multiple agencies.”  

Utilizing encrypted software that is now expanded across multiple cities, Evertel allows police agencies to authenticate information in real time while complying with federal and state laws to unite government agencies and mitigate corruption. Evertel is available to all government, law enforcement and fire for compliant chat, video, voice and image communications. For more information, visit getevertel.com.  

CONTACT:  Megan Fazio 1-702-6730667 [email protected]

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