Henderson, Ky., Dec. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected people, businesses, and charitable organizations throughout the country. This has been especially true for non-profits that have for years served those in need, providing much needed services as well as basic necessities.

Detona Wilson, the Director of the Henderson unit of the Cliff Hagan Boys and Girls Club, says the pandemic has severely affected the club as well as every other aspect of life. “While the club remains open primarily as a learning center at this point, the number of youths that we can serve on a daily basis is limited to 35. We were serving up to 130 kids each day.”

Having grown up in the area, leading businessman and entrepreneur Paul Gravette has made it his mission to support local charities and youth organizations. His connection with the Henderson community and his admiration for the work of the Boys and Girls Club moved him to provide his generous donation of $10,000.

            Programming at the club focuses on three core areas of academic success, healthy lifestyles, and good character and citizenship, particularly for at-risk youth in Henderson. Says Ms. Wilson, “The support from the community has been outstanding and we’re so appreciative of former Hendersonians like Paul Gravette for their generous contributions to the club.”
            While it is Mr. Gravette who is making the donation, he’s doing it in memory and on behalf of his recently deceased parents. His father, Donald Carel Gravette, was a former Marine, teacher, and principal of Henderson High School who passed away in June of this year. His mother, Bettie, passed away in January. Says Mr. Gravette, “My father was an exceptionally generous man. As far back as I can remember, he was involved in various charities. His desire to help others was, and continues to be, an inspiration to me.”
            Education Director Sophie Knight is also grateful for the donation. “Our plans for next year include a capital campaign to raise funds for the renovation of the Henderson national guard armory as the future permanent home of the Boys and Girls Club. It is an outstanding facility and we intend to serve not only our grade school kids of the club but also provide for our teens as well.”

About Paul Gravette

Mr. Gravette is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with more than 20 years of successful experience in business start-ups, brand development, software development, internet marketing, customer acquisition and retention. He is considered an industry thought leader and is a highly sought-after business consultant. For more information, visit www.paulgravette.com.

About the Henderson Boys and Girls Club

The Henderson unit of the Cliff Hagan Boys and Girls Club officially opened its doors on August 7, 2019 at its current location at Community Baptist Church in Henderson. Club programs and services promote and enhance the development of boys and girls 6-18 years of age by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging, and influence. For more information, please visit http://cliffhaganboysandgirlsclub.org/index.html or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/HendoBGC/.

SOURCE Paul Gravette; Gravette Companies, LLC; Cliff Hagan Boys and Girls Club

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