NEW YORK, Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The national organization known as Tag 10 Women Vote, which launched in the summer of 2020, is on track to help reach and engage millions of eligible women voters through their “tag 10” multiplier effect strategy. With early voting already underway and over 61 million ballots cast, Tag 10 Women Vote announces new push to reach even more eligible voters in the final days of the election.

The organization is planning a national network to address systemic underrepresentation of women in all sectors of American life. They will do this using the same ‘multiplier effect’ strategy, asking supporters, both women and men, to “tag 10” women in their lives in order to become leaders in their communities, professions, or places of employment.

“We are poised to build our TAG10Women community to take on this broader challenge to transform the power of women voting into the power of women attaining 50% of all leadership positions in every sector in the decade, by 2030” stated Leonore Blitz, Board Chair, NY. Blitz founded the Tag 10 Women Vote initiative along with founding Board members, Professor Eleanor Brown, Esq., Washington, DC., Jan Donatelli, former Navy Lt., Chicago, Patricia Duff, NY, Yolanda Gorman, PhD, Los Angeles, Deanne Grimaldi, NY and Lena Kennedy, Pasadena, CA. 

“Along with the 47 members of our National Advisory Council in 16 states and Washington D.C, we will work with partner organizations in the private and public sectors to promote and ensure that women will be in 50% of leadership positions by 2030,” added Board member Lena Kennedy.

“We have an ambitious goal to literally catapult women to occupying 50% of the ‘seats at the table,” said Board member Patricia Duff.

About Tag 10 Women

TAG10 Women Vote is a unique, nonpartisan 501(c)3 initiative organized in the spring of 2020 to reach the 118 million women who are eligible to vote in the United States. Post-election, the organization will focus on increasing female leadership representation with a goal to reach 50% in all sectors of American life by 2030.

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