SAN FRANCISCO, April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The recall of embattled San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, one of a band of so-called progressive/rogue DAs elected around the country, is gathering significant steam.

“It has been a little more than a month since we launched the recall petition, first online,” explains recall committee chairman Richie Greenberg, “We are energized. Our effort has seen ever-increasing support through donations as well as the public’s enthusiasm. We’ve sent targeted emails to voters. We are keeping sight on the August 11th deadline as operations will ramp up significantly in the next week. San Franciscans from across the political spectrum are now united in simply wanting their safe streets back. They want the ability to freely walk in the park without fear of getting robbed. Our neighborhood stores shouldn’t be looted. Our property shouldn’t be stolen.”

Elected in 2019 by barely 14% of the registered San Francisco voter in first round ballot, Boudin promised criminal justice reform. Instead, policies which protect criminals coupled with no prosecutorial experience have resulted in a dismantling of virtually all criminal trials. Home invasion burglaries, arson, auto thefts, shop lootings, brazen daytime robberies at gunpoint have all skyrocketed as such crimes have been green-lighted by Boudin’s hands-off policies.

“Boudin isn’t performing the prosecutor duties he is being paid an annual $400,000 compensation for. Now, San Franciscans are moving forward to recall him.”

The Committee Supporting the Recall of District Attorney Chesa Boudin leads the recall effort, with website at


The Committee Supporting the Recall of District Attorney Chesa Boudin
Richie Greenberg, Chairman
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE Committee Supporting the Recall of DA Chesa Boudin

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