DALLAS, Feb. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Oberheiden P.C., a federal criminal defense law firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas, recently secured the dismissal of charges in six separate federal criminal cases. The dismissals are notable because they came after the execution of a search warrant—an outcome which is extremely rare according to firm founder Nick Oberheiden, PhD.

“We are extremely proud of the outcomes we were able to achieve for our clients in these six cases,” said Dr. Oberheiden. “It is rare to have charges dismissed following the execution of a search warrant during a federal investigation, and these outcomes are a testament to our attorneys’ skill and dedication, as well as to our clients’ resilience during the investigative process.”

Dr. Oberheiden attributes the dismissals, in part, to his firm’s hallmark proactive defense tactics. “When facing a federal investigation, attacking not only the allegations, but also the investigative process itself, will often serve to facilitate an efficient and favorable outcome. By working quickly to get out in front of our clients’ investigations and execute a pre-trial defense strategy, we were able to save each of these clients from the stress, costs, and inherent uncertainty of trying their cases in federal district court.”

While he stresses that these outcomes are not representative of what other defendants may be able to expect based upon the facts of their individual cases, Dr. Oberheiden does see a pattern emerging. “Recently, we have seen several cases in which the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and other agencies have devoted substantial resources to investigating relatively minor and unsubstantiated allegations.” He continues, “In these types of cases, the stakes are high, but it may be possible to avoid trial by attacking the government’s case on substantive grounds, procedural grounds, or both during the investigative and pre-trial phases.”

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