CyberProof Launches Job Creation Program ‘Step IT Up Israel’

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. and TEL AVIV, Israel, Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CyberProof Inc., a UST company, is proud to announce the launch of a new job creation program called ‘Step IT Up Israel’ – a part of UST’s global ‘Step IT Up’ program already underway in the US, Australia, Poland and Costa Rica. In launching the program, CyberProof is partnering with Amit4Life, a community initiative that trains and places young army veterans in Israel – helping them join the Israeli tech scene.

Amit4Life handpicked talented women and men who are recent immigrants to Israel or who lack a traditional support system. CyberProof then carefully screened, interviewed and hired the first six participants.

Training for the program participants was provided through Amit4Life on a completely volunteer basis. CyberProof and local mentors, who hold senior positions at top companies in Israel, worked to provide a two-month-long cybersecurity training program that was tailor-made to fit the requirements for specific positions at CyberProof. Once training was completed, participants became full-time, permanent members of the UST and CyberProof teams.

Yuval Wollman, President, CyberProof and Chief Cyber Officer, UST, said, “We’re thrilled to be launching Step IT Up Israel. This is an important initiative designed to open up opportunities and increase diversity by giving bright, young people a gateway into the tech world.” He added, “We’re proud to have the Amit4Life program participants on board. As they take their first steps in cyber here at CyberProof, we welcome them and wish them the best of luck.”

Krishna Sudheendra, Chief Executive Officer, UST, added, “At UST, we strive to transform the lives of women, minorities, and veterans. We believe in empowering intelligent, motivated individuals by giving them the tools to start a career in technology and deliver impact for our clients – joining other Step IT Up graduates from around the world. We’re excited to see Step IT Up Israel take off and it’s exciting to watch our first cybersecurity class launch their new careers.”

Liran Gabbay, Founder and Executive Director, Amit4Life, added, “It is a true privilege to have Cyberproof as a strategic partner, with no less than seven Amit4Life graduates joining the company in the past year. The fact that CyberProof’s management decided to find an out-of-the box solution to the ongoing hiring crisis – while simultaneously giving back to the community – demonstrates once again its core values: uncompromising professionalism, alongside a deep sense of social responsibility. We look forward to strengthening this partnership, and to supporting CyberProof’s business goals while creating real social impact.”

About CyberProof

CyberProof is a security services company that helps organizations intelligently manage their incident detection and response. Our advanced cyber defense platform enables operational efficiency with complete transparency to dramatically reduce the time needed to respond to security threats and minimize business impact. SeeMo, our virtual analyst, automates and accelerates cyber operations by learning and adapting from endless sources of data and responds to requests by providing context and actionable information. This allows our nation-state cyber experts and your team to prioritize the most urgent incidents and proactively identify and respond to potential threats. We collaborate with our global clients, academia and the technology ecosystem to continuously advance the art of cyber defense. CyberProof is part of the UST family. Some of the world’s largest enterprises trust us to create and maintain secure digital ecosystems using our comprehensive cyber security platform and mitigation services. For more information, see:

About Amit4Life

Amit4Life is a nonprofit initiative, founded to help lone soldiers get into the High-Tech industry. By collaborating with the leading vendors in the cyber and data analysis domains, we create tailor-made training programs, alongside numerous mentoring groups, built by top-notch professionals who escort our talented candidates throughout the learning process – all the way to their first job. Drop us an email at: [email protected]

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