MADRID, April 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Applications can now be submitted for the First Edition of the Doctor Juan Abarca International Prize of Medical Sciences, ‘ABARCA PRIZE’, which strives to be the highest benchmark in the research communication of Grupo HM Hospitales and, therefore, of the Abarca Cidón family.

This award was created in 2021 with the aim of highlighting for international society the impact of medical-scientific advances and innovations. It will be granted to a person in the field of research and science anywhere in the world, whose work has contributed significantly to improving the health of individuals and populations. The prize has an endowment of 100,000 euros and a diploma for the winner.

For Dr. Juan Abarca Cidón, President of HM Hospitales: “Today more than ever, medical-scientific advances are vital to addressing today’s health challenges. The ABARCA PRIZE has been created to recognize health professionals who dedicate their lives to the care of others.  It is inspired by the commitment of Dr. Juan Abarca Campal, and the values that he has maintained, and continues to do so, throughout his professional career.”

Dr. Juan Abarca Campal, with his wife Dr. Carmen Cidón Tamargo, founded HM Hospitales in 1990 as a project to develop a new care model in Spain. HM Hospitales today owns 16 hospitals.

The permanent investment in research is a fundamental and manifest premise of Dr. Juan Abarca Campal, together with the defence of the freedom of healthcare professionals to do their work without pressure and giving maximum priority to the care of human health. Scientific medical advances over the past fifteen years have brought a remarkable improvement in people’s quality of life and have made it possible to overcome challenges that seemed insurmountable, through translational and personalized medicine.

Candidates’ selection and winner’s election process

The process of filing and selecting will be in two phases.

The first (April 1st to May 31st)  nominations may be submitted, which will be carried out through the sending of a letter of intent, according to model available in In this letter, the entities or persons who submit the applications, must explain the reasons why the candidate qualifies, in accordance to the values of the prize.

From June 1st, and once the nominations have been received, Fundación de Investigación HM Hospitales will evaluate the fulfilment of the requirements, as well as the suitability of the nominations. This evaluation will result in a final selection, including a maximum of 5 proposals, which will be submitted to the Jury. Those entities or persons responsible for these 5 proposals will be invited to submit any documentation they consider relevant to their evaluation by the Jury, before September 30th.

In the second phase, the members of the Jury will evaluate the documentation and, finally, in a meeting to be held by teleconference and before October 12th, the proposal of the person awarded will be determined with a report in which the merits that justify the election will be reflected.

The ABARCA PRIZE jury will be diverse in terms of professional profiles (scientific, clinical and other branches) and nationalities, and will ensure that the winner has contributed scientifically globally and significantly to improving people’s health. Its composition, external and independent, will be carried out by Fundación de Investigación HM Hospitales, taking into account both their experience of accredited academic and professional prestige and its international relevance for its contribution to science.

The granting of the prize will be made public on October 25th and the prize ceremony will take place in Madrid, in the last week of the same month.

Fundación de Investigación HM Hospitales

Fundación de Investigación HM Hospitales is a non-profit organization, established in 2003 with the fundamental objective of leading a bio sanitary R&D, within the framework of translational research, that directly benefits the patient and the general society. It also aims to achieve excellence in health care, with a clear social, educational and promotion commitment to translational research to be applied quickly and directly to patients.

Also, with a clear social commitment, in addition to carrying out various social-health projects, it promotes scientific dissemination and health education, organizing scientific forums and editing informative and educational monographs.

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