HUNTERSVILLE, N.C., Nov. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —  According to IMPLAN data, employment in New York’s 5th Congressional District had decreased by 1/5th in the second quarter of 2020 compared to 2018. At that point, the district’s employment numbers were the most adversely affected in the nation. 

IMPLAN Group LLC, the leading provider of economic impact data and technology, has constructed a data set to analyze the economy as it was in the wake of the coronavirus. Using this data, economists at IMPLAN compiled a list comparing employment figures in each congressional district from 2018 to Q2 2020 and identified the 10 districts with the largest changes in employment.

The 10 most adversely affected districts were located in New York, New Jersey, and Michigan. Their rankings and percent decreases in employment are: 

  1. NY 5th (-20%)
  2. NJ 2nd (-18%)
  3. MI 3rd (-18%)
  4. MI 2nd (-18%)
  5. NY 14th (-18%)
  6. MI 9th (-18%)
  7. MI 11th (-18%)
  8. MI 13th (-18%)
  9. NY 27th (-18%)
  10. MI 5th (-18%)

The 10 congressional districts which maintained employment closest to 2018 were located in Utah, Idaho, and Arizona. Their rankings and percent decreases in employment are:

  1. UT 3rd (0%)
  2. UT 2nd (0%)
  3. UT 4th (0%)
  4. UT 1st (0%)
  5. ID 2nd (-1%)
  6. AZ 4th (-1%)
  7. ID 1st (-1%)
  8. AZ 3rd (-1%)
  9. AZ 7th (-1%)
  10. AZ 1st (-2%)

All figures come from IMPLAN’s 2018 annual and COVID Q2-2020 data. Due to the shifts in the economy resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, IMPLAN recently released a dataset representing the altered economy, which captured stimulus checks, unemployment benefits, Paycheck Protection Program loans, industry losses, and regional shutdowns.

For a comprehensive look at which industries were most affected by the coronavirus pandemic in these congressional districts, download the report

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