AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Sheppard Pratt staff opened an email in September explaining that they were the recipients of a $5000 donation. While donations are always welcome at the provider of mental health and other support services to their communities across Maryland, this one was a surprise. Not only had no one from Sheppard Pratt applied for the donation, but they were unaware that such a donation program existed at all.

“Please reassure yourself that we’re not some weird internet scam,” donor organization Z5 Inventory wrote in an introductory email, explaining that its philanthropic 50 For 50 program draws recipients randomly from charities submitted online.

“You really spun the wheel, gave us the money, and now you want to know all the work we do,” laughed Jennifer Carberry, Division Director, Clinical Services, while learning about the random selection process in a podcast interview with Z5 Inventory CEO Carl Natenstedt.

Unbeknownst to Sheppard Pratt, their families and communities programs in Gaithersburg were nominated for a donation by a local doctor who had witnessed the extraordinary efforts the organization had undertaken to prevent the coronavirus crisis from interrupting their provision of:

  • in-school staff to help children refugees.
  • after-school organizations for young people in addiction recovery.
  • programs that foster healthy relationships between children and incarcerated parents.
  • food and diapers.
  • and many more programs.

“I feel a lot of pride for what we do,” said Karla Hoffman, chief of families and communities programs in the same podcast interview. “And after thirty-seven years–to still feel that way about the work I do–it’s a gift.”

The public is encouraged to surprise charities deserving a $5000 donation by nominating them at The next nonprofit will join the ranks of impressive organizations like the program’s latest recipient, Sheppard Pratt, and its first recipient, Miracle Foundation, which is helping eliminate the need for orphanages worldwide.

“It’s important for us to acknowledge the success that we’ve had by giving back,” explained Carl Natenstedt, “and it’s immensely gratifying to see that we’re giving to people who are giving so much of themselves, especially now.”

To make a donation or otherwise get involved with Sheppard Pratt, visit

About Z5 Inventory:
Z5 Inventory was founded with the purpose of saving health care providers nationwide from expiring product, empowering them to Count product on-hand, Reallocate excess product, and Buy product they actually need at reduced prices. Anyone interested in a preview or trial of digital supply chain management using the Z5 Inventory Platform should visit

About Sheppard Pratt:
Sheppard Pratt is the largest private, nonprofit provider of mental health, substance use, developmental disability, special education, and social services in the country. A nationwide resource, Sheppard Pratt provides services across a comprehensive continuum of care, spanning both hospital- and community-based resources. Since its founding in 1853, Sheppard Pratt has been innovating the field through research, best practice implementation, and a focus on improving the quality of mental health care on a global level. Sheppard Pratt has been consistently ranked as a top national psychiatric hospital by U.S. News & World Report for 30 years.

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