The new 02PN20v3 security checkpoint provides (1) detection of metallic threats with minimum contact, (2) automatic detection of high body surface temperature, and (3) throughput control with check of transit direction and completion including optimized touchscreen user interface for managing checks and displaying alerts.

Anti-COVID Security Checkpoint

The 02PN20v3 offers the detection of metallic threats in accordance with security level settings by a next-generation inductive detector with high range uniformity and excellent discrimination of metal personal effects thereby reducing the number of necessary secondary checks. A high accuracy detection zone display for individual and multiple objects speeds up screening operations. Body surface temperature measurement using a combined visible-infrared multispectral system automatically indicates the maximum value and signals an alarm when the legal threshold is exceeded. An exclusive integrated thermal calibration system provides continuous calibration of the thermal measuring system using two grey stabilized bodies. Transit direction and count verification with synchronization of the temperature measurement of the inspected person inside the gate ensures maximum accuracy and unique signaling.

Checkpoint Monitoring and Recording

The 02PN20v3 provides detailed reporting of the transits data and the security device configuration data along with data collection from each gate detailing the information on every single transit including body temperature, metal alarms, gamma alarms (optional) and cell phone alarms (optional). Additionally, it provides monitoring of the functionality of each gate, setting of the gate working parameters, high security data encryption and transits flow monitoring.

Exclusive Software Features

The 02PN20v3 has a wide data storage capability of 100,000+ transits, along with videos that include time/date stamp, alarm, and all details on the alarm type. Users can filters video results by alarm, date, and time and export full video or still images of any frame.

CEIA 02PN20v3 is available now.

CEIA is a world leader in the design, engineering, and production of high-performance electromagnetic metal detectors and security screening products.  CEIA USA offers a broad range of metal detection and security screening solutions for a variety of market applications including public events, schools, correctional and court facilities,  transportation, public and private buildings, and loss prevention. CEIA USA provides nationwide sales, service and customer support to public (federal, state, and local governments) and private sector customers in North America. Dynamic solutions and exceptional service are the foundation of CEIA USA’s commitment to customer satisfaction. For more information, visit


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