LOS ANGELES, Nov. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A California-based company has been slapped with a class-action lawsuit alleging among other claims that it fraudulently mislabeled some of its products in an effort to sway consumers to purchase its products.

Manigeh Monfared’s (“Monfared’) lawsuit alleges that Overseas Food Distribution, LLC, dba Golchin, manufactures, sells and distributes a variety of flavors of rolled fruit products called Fruit Rolls which contain a variety of labels that read, “Product of the U.K.,” “Product of Turkey,” and “Product of Iran.”

According to the complaint, in so doing, the defendants advertised and misrepresented its products because the fruit roll products are not products of the United Kingdom, but in fact products of Turkey and/or Iran.

“Defendant’s strategy to misrepresent the origin of its Fruit Roll Products is not accidental,” the lawsuit asserts. “For instance, the political turmoil in Turkey has prompted American consumers to launch campaigns to boycott Turkish products. As a result, Defendant has placed ‘cover-up’ labels on top of existing labels to hide that its Fruit Roll products are from Turkey and mislead customers into purchasing these products, especially those who have elected to boycott them.”

The suit alleges that Monfared purchased the product at issue on November 2, 2020, and read its packaging which specifically reflected that it was a “Product of the U.K.” In making her purchasing decision, she relied on the misrepresentation, but came to learn that the product had an identical label beneath that read, “Product of Turkey,” the suit explains.

The suit alleges that plaintiff and members of the class have been and will continue to be deceived or mislead by Defendant’s deceptive advertising claims.

The lawsuit has been filed by the Dordick Law Corporation and Shegerian and Associates on behalf of Monfared and all class members.

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