NEW YORK, Dec. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Boost Trading Team is a new interactive financial platform offered by serial entrepreneur Pasquale Diamond. The company is formatted to help stock market traders better understand the markets, access stock watch lists, and chat in real-time with over 60 experienced traders. Boost Trading Team’s popularity has surged in the past quarter after the COVID-19 crisis seemingly starts to stabilize with the newly released vaccine and the election season now over. While the platform doesn’t promise overnight success, Boost Trading Team does deliver expert support to help its members learn how to trade with a goal to achieve maximum gains.

“I started Boost Trading Team to help new traders buddy up with experienced traders. However, even the experienced traders started using the platform because of the unique watch list we put together. Changing your life requires doing new things, a little bit of risk, and a lot of investing in one’s self,” said renowned trader Pasquale Diamond.

The financial market’s surge is creating a powerful storm of new investors and traders. People have more access to time and to learn how to trade and to chat with experienced traders in order to gain strategies and insight. People are also starting to feel stability and confidence within the markets as Congress passes a relief bill, as noted in trending financial news. Low-interest rates are also helping with the stock market’s evaluations now, too.

“Boost Trading Team is about helping people understand the stock market and the financial philosophies of the industry experts. Being able to reach out directly and chat with those experts is invaluable because these relationships are normally hard to obtain. We bridge this gap and help traders share market insight, consult on financial strategy, and understand the ever-changing market trends. These services, paired alongside our expert traders’ advice, will help increase profit margins for our members,” finished Diamond.

The Boost Trading Team platform requires a membership fee of $499. Membership is rapidly growing with over 300 individuals and businesses already participating. The platform has made over a million dollars in trading gains with its experts dishing out trades each hour and interactive chats happening in real-time.

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