VICTORVILLE, Calif., Nov. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Blanca for accountability and transparency of governments! Victorville City Council member Blanca Gomez has publicly announced she intends to run for a seat in the US Congress in 2022. Blanca is a loyal representative of the people.

Gomez said her candidacy is based on government accountability and transparency. Transparency is the government’s obligation to share information with citizens. For Blanca Gomez, transparency allows accountability.

If Gomez is elected as your congresswoman, she will be focusing on the issues that affect us right here in our communities. She is well-known for assisting marginalized communities in finding solutions cooperatively to restore protection and sustainability for community health and prosperity.

As a selfless, dedicated and committed US citizen, Blanca only has one mission: to serve the people selflessly on the wings of transparency, integrity, and accountability. After all, a lack of transparency results in disbelief and a deep sense of instability.

Blanca Gomez honestly believes that a leader should be accountable before anything else.

As a Victorville City Council member, Blanca knows that being in a “leadership position” carries a lot of responsibility as there is a sacred bond between the leader and the people’s votes. That’s why accountability is one of the crucial principles of being a good leader.

When you are accountable, you take responsibility for what you do and convert efforts into results. You can be sure that Blanca Gomez understands and is devoted to accountability.

She knows that running for a seat in the US Congress has very little to do with her and everything to do with the people she represents.

Blanca Gomez’s primary goal is to be the voice, eyes, and ears of the voters.

She is committed to making transparency and accountability for her flagship issue and other vital affairs like climate change, education opportunities, reform the financial aid system, improve the justice system, fight pay discrimination, provide health care, and repealing the discriminatory.

Electing Blanca Gomez is synonymous with electing the people. She is a concerned representative of the people who use American sign language to communicate with the deaf community to bridge the representation gap.

Blanca is committed to showing her consistency in selfless community participation, which aims to touch the people’s real needs. 

She has spent her life supporting marginalized communities. A large part of her time is dedicated to doing volunteer work in different organizations like senior revenues, local food banks, charity groups, and other nonprofit organizations. Gomez has further supported legal aid services and worked in university board panel committees.

One of her finest works has been to empower women for political positions across the United States. Blanca Gomez’s women’s empowerment and achieving gender equality are essential for our society to guarantee sustainable growth.

The greatest act of service is the one done for the sake of humanity, and Blanca Gomez is poised to exemplify and execute this maxim.

Blanca for the People! 

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