LOS ANGELES, Nov. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Anonymous street artist using the persona DBAR (dee-bar) aka don’t be a robot, flies an eight story work of art over Los Angeles depicting “the Hollywood sign” reading HYPOCRITES. The work titled “The HYPOCRITES sign” is a statement against censorship. The objective of the artist is to test people’s belief of free speech.

The choice for taking it to the sky was that the artist could not be stopped, painted over, taken down, or censored in any way. The significance of displaying it in this manner directly reflects the message of the piece itself. The choice of Monday, the day before a U.S. election, was intended for current topical relevance and perfect timing for exposure of the message and the work itself.

A version of the piece will fly Monday November 2nd at noon PMT until 4:00 pm from the waters of Santa Monica to “the Hollywood sign” itself. Over the four-hour period the artwork will make about six passes of the route outlined on the flight path. The artist plans to have a future donation page for people to fund further flights and has a dedicated website for the artwork itself, thehypocritessign.com. The aerial banner has the ability to fly up to fifty flights in Los Angeles and possibly other cities in the U.S. The artwork and message will continue as long as the people support it, making the artwork interactive after its premiere. The artists’ goal this day is to have people everywhere posting on social media [#nocensorship #freedomofspeech #thehypocritessign #dbar #dontbearobot #streetart] to make this an international event; causing discussion, personal reflection, and a bit of humor.

The work/artist is not backed or affiliated in any way with any political party, group, or organization. This was planned within the last week and is the work of an individual with one point of view only.

Artist and Statement:
“I was born an artist. Living in the United States allows me a freedom that in other places people are willing to put their lives on the line for. I am so fortunate to have the privilege to express myself without fear of being censored, put in jail, or even killed. So I ask people to take a second to stop and remember how valuable free speech is and how it effects their own life. I don’t want our government, major media, or any tech company deciding what I can see and what I can say”.

DBAR [don’t be a robot] is a multi-disciplined anonymous street artist creating works in various mediums and displaying them in a public manner that is large, disruptive, and in your face.  The topics always revolve on current issues, pop culture, and the relation of how technology plays a role in society. The artist chooses to keep their identity a secret so that the concentration is always on the message other than themselves. The tag line to the DBAR persona is “throwing art in front of moving lives”, making this debut a glimpse into what may come next.

Media Contact:
Craig Kubrick
(213) 927-6701
[email protected]



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