NEW YORK, Dec. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A new research report released by Splash, an event marketing technology company, shows how radically things have changed for event professionals, attendees, and companies hosting events, and outlines what’s coming next.

Based on survey data from 270 event professionals and 3,133 event attendees from various industries in the United States, the report explores evolving trends in events teams and budgets. It reveals changes in event technology usage, event strategies, and how companies are shifting their approach to connecting with customers, prospects, and employees.

Online, Shorter, and Here to Stay: An Outlook on Virtual & Hybrid Events in 2021 provides insight on the challenges and unexpected benefits of events’ pivot to virtual and details how event professionals are adapting. Key findings include:

  • Rethinking Events: 97% of companies changed their event program as a result of the pandemic
  • A Shift to Virtual: 43% of companies moved all events to virtual and are hosting more virtual events than originally planned
  • Hybrid Will Shape Future Events: 79% of companies now expect to host events that include an online component even once in-person events resume
  • Event Teams Need New Tools: 66% are still using the same event tech as they did before COVID-19 forced everything online
  • More Non-Marketers are Creating Events: 29% more people with non-marketing titles are creating events than before COVID-19
  • Shorter is Better: Fewer than 7% of event attendees believe virtual events should be longer than an hour

The sudden shift from in-person to virtual events has revealed both fundamental strengths and shortcomings in the way companies approach business events. Today, 36% of companies say their primary goal for virtual events is to keep in touch with customers. Those same companies anticipate that in six to 12 months, their priorities will be revenue growth and sales (32%). Event professionals will likely lean on virtual and hybrid events to provide the flexibility needed to align with overall company strategy.

“Our latest report highlights the resilience of event professionals and the immense structural changes in the events landscape,” said Eric Holmen, Chief Revenue Officer of Splash. “Companies that never thought they would host a virtual event scrambled to repurpose existing technology that wasn’t designed for this environment — and did so with reduced event staff and smaller budgets. Despite these challenges, companies found that virtual events can support business growth, and won’t be going anywhere even once in-person events return.”

You can download the full report here.

For more information about Online, Shorter, and Here to Stay: An Outlook on Virtual & Hybrid Events in 2021 or to request an interview with Eric Holmen, Chief Revenue Officer of Splash, please contact Kelsey Dielman at [email protected].

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