DENVER, Dec. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Everside Health (formerly Paladina Health, Activate Healthcare and Healthstat) today announced the formation of its Activate division which is dedicated exclusively to meeting the healthcare needs of unions across the country. Activate Healthcare, which was acquired by Paladina Health in 2019 and has since become part of Everside, has a long history of successfully partnering with unions. Activate opened its doors in 2010 and welcomed its first union client in 2012—a client that is still with the company today. Everside, one of the largest direct primary care providers in the country, currently has more than 50 clinics specifically serving union members in the U.S. through its Activate division.

“We are committed to the health of union members. Unions are a strong part of our company’s legacy and continue to represent one of our fastest growing business segments,” said Chris Miller, CEO of Everside. “That is why it was important for us to continue building on this foundation and preserve this legacy through a specialized division in our new corporate structure that exclusively focuses on serving unions.”

Everside came into being in the past month with the official completion of Paladina Health’s acquisition of Healthstat. Previously, the three companies—Paladina Health, Activate Healthcare and Healthstat—functioned under their own brand names. Paladina Health leadership opted to consolidate the three companies and go to market under the single Everside brand. Today there are 350 Everside on-site and near-site health clinics located in 32 states.

“We are extremely proud of the results we have garnered on behalf of our many union clients,” said Debra Geihsler, senior vice president at Everside and founder of Activate Healthcare. “We understand the challenges of their work and specific health needs. Creating access to convenient care options is crucial for this population. They represent the backbone of America.”

Everside’s new Activate division will consist of a designated sales and onboarding team. The division will also have its own advisory board made up of some of the country’s most influential union leaders.

“We recognized early on that there was a unique opportunity to serve the middle class, specifically through the union membership and their families,” said Chris Perkins, National Sales Leader for Taft-Hartley Plans at Everside. “Unions are the fabric of the middle class and must be preserved. They do, however, present many unique challenges due, in part, to their work environments and the type of work they perform, both of which take a physical toll. Activate provides a solution with a model that’s focused on caring for the entire family. Our providers listen to members’ needs and formulate individual care plans for each unique member we serve.”

According to Geihsler, Activate has a strong reputation for producing significant cost savings for its union clients. One union local, for example, realized healthcare fund savings in excess of $25 million over a six-year relationship, an uncommon result compared to national healthcare cost trends. The union is reinvesting some of those savings to provide ancillary healthcare services to its members, including more comprehensive behavioral health services offered through Activate.

Beyond lower costs, Activate has also routinely helped its union clients to improve members’ health outcomes with a strong preventive approach. One union local, for example, lowered the blood pressure of 64% of its members diagnosed with high blood pressure and reduced cholesterol levels to normal for 53% of its members initially diagnosed with high cholesterol. Geihsler credits these health improvement results to the company’s innovative model which allows care providers to spend more time with members so that they can proactively address all health concerns and manage care more effectively.

In addition, since all of Activate’s services are covered under a fixed monthly fee that is paid for by the union’s Health and Welfare fund, members do not incur a co-pay when visiting the clinic. As a result, they are more likely to be more proactive in managing their health and getting medical help before health problems become catastrophic. Geihsler points out that unions have an advantage over private employers in being able to manage chronic health problems because their members typically maintain their membership and related benefits over their entire careers, thus providing healthcare providers with more time and critical data to effectively manage health issues.

For more information about Activate, the Union Division of Everside Health, contact Chris Perkins at [email protected].

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Everside Health, formerly Paladina Health, Activate Healthcare and Healthstat, is the second largest direct primary care provider in the U.S., operating 350 health clinics in 32 states located at or near the facilities of its employer, union and other benefit sponsor clients. Everside’s data-driven, patient-centric healthcare delivery model aligns incentives to benefit the patient, the physician and the benefit provider, all while reducing the total cost of care. Patients receive convenient, low- or no-cost access to physicians and 24/7 virtual care, reducing the need for costly ER use. Everside Health, as its former Paladina Health entity, was consistently recognized for clinical outcomes that exceed HEDIS commercial PPO benchmarks, and its clients typically reduce their overall healthcare costs by 20%. Everside Health is based in Denver. For more information, visit

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