Able Director of Business Development and two-time Second Story Board President Kim Dize is in her third decade of service for the organization and recognizes the impact it has had for her and for the company.

“Second Story excels at providing the services they do for the community and is not equipped to provide the kind of logistics necessary to distribute the food and other donations that have been made as a result of this virus,” says Dize. “The fact that we provide this kind of help to our community is a huge source of pride for us as a company, and we will continue to grow this relationship.”

Second Story CEO Judith Dittman lauds the efforts Able has made in providing relocations, volunteers, and logistical support to the organization. “It is such a benefit to Second Story that Able has so solidly supported Kim’s efforts over the years,” remarks Dittman. “All of these services cost money and not having to pay for them means we have more money for these kids. I want that money for the kids.”

Coordinating the staging and delivery of meals recently donated by World Central Kitchen and Food for Others, as well as donating meals it bought from Great American Restaurants itself, Able has remained committed to those that Second Story helps. This Monday, November 23rd, Able will be delivering a truckload of turkeys to a Second Story family resource center in Springfield, Virginia, to benefit families involved with the organization.

Nandred Navarro, Second Story Vice-President of Community-Based Services, has appreciated the commitment that Able has made to the initiatives she has been involved with. “Volunteer work is difficult,” she says, “and the employees at Able always come with a smile and the best attitude possible.”

Able Chief Operating Officer Steve Kuhn is proud of the efforts that Kim has made personally to Second Story, and grateful for the opportunity it provides for Able to be useful to the community they do business in.

“We are a family-based business and the values that we espouse as a company are strongly in line with helping others that need assistance in taking care of their families,” states Kuhn. “This also means we freely take interest in and support these types of causes that our employees invest their time in.”

The decision to step up commitment to Second Story during the pandemic has been an easy one for Able to make based on need, but in doing so the company has also taken care of its own employees.

“We are extremely proud of the fact that we have not laid off a single employee because of this virus,” says Able CEO Joe Singleton. “When business initially slowed down, we knew we needed to make some changes to ensure we kept all of our family here at Able. We considered this an ideal time to commit more time and resources to Second Story.”

Able is having its largest year ever, and Singleton sees cohesive decisions like this one that reinforce solidarity of purpose to be a driving force in achieving this. “Thank you Kim and thank you Second Story,” he says, “we will continue to be there for both of you.”

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