SACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Editorials in fifteen daily newspapers urge readers to vote no on Proposition 24, the deceptive “privacy” initiative on California’s November ballot. This diverse group of newspapers have traditions that span the political spectrum, encompassing editorial pages that leans liberal, moderate and conservative.

Major dailies opposing Prop 24 include the San Francisco Chronicle, the Mercury News (formerly San Jose Mercury News), the Orange County Register, the Long Beach Press-Telegram,  the Bakersfield Californian, the East Bay Times (formerly Contra Costa Times and Oakland Tribune), the Riverside Press-Enterprise, the San Bernardino Sun and the Los Angeles Daily News.

Another eight weekly news publications have written editorials opposing Prop 24, bringing the total of opposing editorials to 23.

The Mercury News wrote, “Prop. 24 would allow companies to charge higher prices to consumers who choose to protect their privacy. That’s just wrong on principle. It also places a higher burden on lower-income consumers who do not have the means to pay a premium for a superior product. Voters should reject Prop. 24.”

The San Francisco Chronicle stated, “this is a complex, legalistic 52-page initiative crafted behind the scenes, including participation of the companies that are the supposed targets of regulation… If Prop. 24 really were as restrictive and airtight as advertised, is there any doubt that those who are exploiting our personal information as a commodity would be pouring tens of millions into defeating it? Their silence is telling… There is sufficient doubt about Prop. 24 to make the decision clear. Vote no.”

The Bakersfield Californian wrote, “To say the 52-page proposition is mind-boggling to the average voter is an understatement…What’s troubling is that Mactaggart wrote Prop. 24 in consultation with the tech industry, negotiating with such giants as Google and Facebook…Prop. 24 is not needed. Vote NO.”

The Orange County Register said: “[Prop 24] won’t bother the tech giants or other large companies, such as banks and insurers… Never again will tech giants be threatened by a start-up company in somebody’s garage…Vote No on Proposition 24.”

The weekly San Francisco Bay Guardian stated, “Prop. 24 sounds good – until you take a minute to look into it. The measure claims to promote consumer privacy, but it actually give the tech industry tremendous latitude to collect and sell your personal information. It would, for example, allow companies to block you from certain apps unless you opt in and give up your privacy.”

Many voters are complaining on social media that it is difficult to decipher Prop 24’s lengthy, complex, and confounding legalistic language. Newspaper editorial boards have taken the time to read and research the initiative, and with near unanimity they have concluded that voters should reject Prop 24.

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SOURCE Californians for Real Privacy – No on Proposition 24

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