LAKELAND, Fla.–()–AIME USA today announced the filing of a counter lawsuit against 3M in an effort to defend itself against 3M’s suit originally filed on July 20, 2020 by 3M. AIME’s counter lawsuit claims that 3M sued AIME for the ulterior purpose of eliminating competition by weaponizing the U.S. legal system, thereby allowing it to monopolize the respirator market. AIME USA, a Florida-based medical supplies manufacturer and distributor, alleges:

  • 3M’s reckless actions endanger the American jobs AIME USA seeks to create.
  • AIME USA brings American manufacturing and technology to critical PPE supplies, thus ensuring the safety and quality control of an American supply chain for our healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 3M’s menacing actions are meant to intimidate, thus putting fair market competition and pricing at risk for a financially vulnerable healthcare industry.
  • 3M’s callous actions limit American healthcare organizations’ options and access to much-needed medical supplies for American healthcare workers and patients.
  • 3M’s suppressive actions seek to curtail AIME USA’s marketing efforts.
  • 3M’s perilous actions harm AIME USA’s corporate reputation.
  • 3M’s calculated actions disrupt AIME USA’s ability to conduct business by causing distrust among AIME’s existing and potential clients due to its outrageous lawsuit.

On July 20th, 3M filed a lawsuit against AIME USA in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington requesting a permanent injunction and other relief. In keeping with 3M’s current practice of filing cookie-cutter lawsuits against at least 19 of 3M’s competitors, AIME’s counter lawsuit clearly shows that 3M’s suit intended to force AIME USA to cease operations and close its doors. AIME’s principals categorically deny the false and ill-intended allegations leveled at them by 3M, among which are “unfair competition, false endorsement, false association, and/or false designation of origin” as well as “trademark dilution,” “false advertising,” “conspiracy,” and “price gouging.”

Further, Sandro Monteblanco; General Counsel of AIME USA states, “U.S. Antitrust Laws exist to preserve free and unfettered competition as a rule of trade and to protect consumers from predatory business practices. We believe that the numerous similar lawsuits filed by 3M represent a clear attempt to intimidate and even restrict competitively-priced, quality PPE supplies from being manufactured in the United States and entering the American market, all this in clear violation of the core principles of the Sherman Act.”

AIME USA has and will exert a vigorous defense of itself and its employees from the egregious 3M lawsuit targeting American business. In addition, AIME USA seeks to hold 3M accountable for engaging in activities designed to snuff out competition and control the PPE market sector.

About AIME USA: AIME was created by a collaborative team of innovative senior executives, each with several years of experience living and working abroad. Many are veterans, and all are American patriots. AIME’s long-term vision is to establish itself as one of the premier American manufacturers and distributors of high-quality personal protective equipment to address the pressing global and national shortage of medical supplies. AIME is specifically focused on eliminating U.S. dependence on foreign suppliers. By winter of 2020, AIME USA will be manufacturing its own line of high-quality, FDA-certified personal protective equipment made in the U.S.

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