Class Action Daily is dedicated to reporting press releases, news, and updates regarding class action lawsuits.  We are an online publication specializing in content.  We are not a law firm and do NOT offer any legal advice.  Instead, we are publishers wanting to help inform the public on behalf of experts specializing in class action lawsuits.

We want to assist law firms in informing the public about their rights regarding a large variety of lawsuits that will help consumers impacted by products and services.  Additionally, we want to help consumers find the appropriate legal advice. History

We purchased the domain name on September 29, 2020.  In the beginning, we aggregated class action news from press release distributors like PRNewswire and BusinessWire using RSS feeds.  However, beginning in 2022, we analyzed the class action landscape.  As a result, we saw strategies to improve the site and help class-action lawyers and consumers impacted by damages created by products and services.  Therefore, in February 2022, we re-designed the site, and all content was added manually to rank better with the search engines like Google and Bing.  Furthermore, we have developed video formats to convert text press releases into a video format to enhance the online visibility of featured class action press releases.

We receive monetary benefits from creating the videos and publishing them on our distribution sites and YouTube.